About Us

For 20+ years we’ve been on a mission to improve the capability of leaders and managers right across the globe, so that employees – wherever they work and at whatever level – get the bosses they deserve. To bring this into reality, we’ve been providing white-labelled 360-degree feedback and multi-rater performance review software and services to independent leadership development specialists, public sector organisations, not-for-profits and commercial corporations around the world. Check out our client list to see our reach. We come from an HRD background and we work with some of the best programmers and graphic designers in the UK to present you with an inspiring and user-friendly interface that goes far beyond what you can expect from other providers. Our digital reports with integrated interpretation guide, interactive workbook, action planner and learning suggestions speak to the digital age, where most feedback coaching sessions now take place online. We’ve kept the business lean and mean, which means we can offer our 360-degree feedback products and services at incredibly competitive prices. Find out more about 360/MRPR software.

We are UK-based and run our business in alignment with these principles:

  • Curiosity
  • Constancy
  • Integrity
  • Loyalty
  • Duty
  • Service
  • Fun!
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In 2022 we completely refreshed our user set-up interface, our questionnaire interface and our digital reports to incorporate AI tech and the latest thinking around this approach to people development. We come from an HRD (not an IT) background and 360-degree feedback and multi-rater performance review software is all we do. This offers you at least 3 major benefits:

  • we are experts in this field and can enhance any of your 360/MRPR projects
  • we won’t be constantly trying to upsell you to other products and services
  • if you need support, you can speak to one of our human beings - not a chatbot

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