About 360-degree feedback FAQs

What is 360 degree feedback?

What can people discover about themselves?

What are the common terms used for the people involved?

What concerns may people have?

What does a good questionnaire look like?

What does a helpful feedback report look like?

What kind of summary reports are useful?

Choosing an online 360 feedback provider

Is it worth doing 360 feedback for the second time?

What type of information should be targeted in the survey?

What are the benefits of 360 degree feedback?

How has 360 degree feedback changed over the years?

How do I know if my organisation is ready to conduct 360 degree feedback?

How is 360 different from personality or style assessment?

How many organisations are using 360?

How often should 360 be rolled out?

What are the criteria for selecting raters (respondents)?

Who gets a copy of the feedback report?

How many questions should be in the survey?

Is it necessary to customise the survey or are standard questionnaires acceptable?

How can I ensure confidentiality?

Should 360 degree feedback be linked to performance appraisals?

Is 360 degree feedback data legally defensible if linked to performance appraisal and utilised for merit increase, bonus, promotion or firing decisions?

How can you verify the validity and reliability of a 360 survey?

How do I write good questions for the 360 survey?

How important are national norms?

What size scale should I use?

How do you introduce 360 degree feedback to a potentially resistant organisation?

Is 360 degree feedback ever Inappropriate?

Does 360 degree feedback really generate results?

About click-360SelfDrive FAQs

How much does it cost and what do I get for that?

Do you offer any concessions for consultants?

Where do your standard questionnaires come from?

Can I see a copy of your questionnaires?

How can I upload my own questionnaire?

How can I build my own questionnaire?

What are your rules around rater anonymity?

How do I send further Reminder Emails?

What if I want larger quantities of reports?

Who has used your product before?

What languages does click-360 come in?

I need some guidance…who can I talk to?

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