How Can 360 Feedback Tools Transform Your Leaders

Colin Newbold, 22nd July 2019 in Development, Feedback, Hiring, Human Resources, People Management, Testing

As any business owner or manager knows, bringing the best out of your employees is the crux of your success as an enterprise. Ultimately, without a team performing to the best of its abilities around you, the likes of objectives, business values, visions and goals become redundant.

Leaders are crucial to any business. Through growing your own, rather than bringing leaders in from outside, you will ultimately save money, boost morale and go a long way to creating a cohesive culture of success throughout your business.Therefore, through investing in the multi-faceted benefits of an expert 360 feedback tool, you will be taking a huge stride towards improving the performance of your team and as a result maximising your business’ success.

Keep reading to learn just what exactly a 360 feedback tool is and how it can transform your leaders and improve overall business performance improve as a result.

What Is a 360 Feedback Tool?

Ultimately, 360 feedback is the process by which members of a working team evaluate themselves against a set of behavioural statements. This feedback is linked to a competency framework.

After it is completed, they will invite a selected number of fellow team members to do the same. Development planning and coaching sessions are also included in 360 degree feedback tool processes.



Our recommended 7-step 360 degree feedback process is as follows:


Preparation is key. You will want to be sure that your organisation is thoroughly prepared for all that 360 feedback entails. click-360 will support you in building culture, capacity, capability and commitment to ensure a meaningful and lasting positive result. This stage is essentially gauging how suitable 360 feedback is for you, there in some circumstances we may even advise against it.


It is vital that your questionnaire is written in the right way to produce reliable and valid results. You can either choose from one of our off-the-shelf questionnaires or work with us to co-create one that is specifically tailored to your business.


You can’t get good results without strong engagement. This stage is vital to learning the best strategy to maximise your response rate.


Our quick and easy simultaneous rating feature saves a lot of time whilst also improving accuracy, which provides an unparalleled user experience. Alongside this, user engagement will be enhanced through our well designed questionnaire interface (featuring slidey scales and illustrations).


As you will learn later, our latest digital report is the most convenient and effective means of interpreting your 360 feedback. It is fully optimised for mobile and handheld devices.


There are various ways we recommend to maximise the results out of your 360 feedback tool. For example, one of these methods is through providing you with a professional coach to help the participant get depth and clarity from their report. We will also provide you with provide qualified accredited coaches or even we can train your own staff (e.g. line managers) how to go about productive conversations with other team members.


In the final stage of our 360 feedback tool you will choose from a menu of over 20 organisational Insights reports that will support your general talent management processes and succession planning.

Bringing Feedback Into the Digital Age

360 feedback tools have been a successful means of transforming leaders in the workplace for years. Originally this was carried out using a simple pen and paper method, however, here at click-360 we have modernised the service into the 21st Century in a variety of different ways.

Through moving the 360 feedback tool online, our clients have saved a lot of wasted time and effort having to distribute questionnaires and collate the answers. By using digitalised, interactive questionnaires we have now found that participants can choose which competencies to receive feedback on. Confidentiality and data security has improved through the online 360 feedback tool as well, because questionnaires and reports can be encrypted and protected by passwords.

Answers can also be collated instantly with click-360’s online 360 feedback tool. The amount of administration required is also much reduced with an online feedback tool as individuals can be responsible for managing their own feedback. You will also gain access to demographic information, alongside a simplified analysis and detailed summary reports.

When it comes to reports, you can either receive a standard PDF report or opt for our digital 360-degree feedback reports which are integrated with an online workbook to help interpret the data and capture any reflections. They can be viewed online and are optimised for mobile hand-held devices. Not only this, but reports can also be compared in detail with with previous feedback which has been obtained.

Feedback coaching sessions can also be carried out online, which saves time, cost and energy for you as a business. These are usually held via 1:1 private webinars, allowing both coach and coachee to go over the same report together.

How Does 360 Feedback Produce Leaders?

Our mission at click-360 is to improve the quality of leadership and management capability all around the world. We thoroughly believe that every team member should get the boss they deserve and who is best suited for their skillset and requirements, to allow them to thrive within whatever industry they are in.

Using our 360 feedback tool, you will make invaluable discoveries regarding the behaviours, abilities and opinions of your team. Implementing effective performance and appraisal processes is key to building a successful team who are motivated to perform to the best of their abilities.

Through working with click-360, you will take large strides in learning how to interpret and measure feedback data effectively in order to transform your workforce of today into the leaders of tomorrow.

click-360 Are Here to Help

There are various reasons why a 360 degree feedback process may not live up to an organisation’s expectations, if it is not implemented effectively. Working with a trusted 360 feedback tool is one way in which you can guarantee optimum results for your company.

Our customers are busy already, which is why ease of use is so important to us here at click-360. Watch our questionnaire video to see how this straightforward 360 degree feedback software can bring you the results your organisation needs.

We’d love to hear from you, get in contact today and we will get you on the way to unlocking your future leaders through expert 360 feedback.


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