How Staying At Home Can Support Your 360 Projects 📝🏠

Colin Newbold, 31st March 2020 in Development, Feedback, Hiring, Human Resources, People Management, Testing

Amidst the rapidly changing environment, there are some creative ways to benefit from the current situation. With so many of you working from home right now, there's never been a better time to launch your 360-degree feedback project.

  • Staff will likely be sitting in front of their keyboards and monitors for longer periods than usual, meaning higher than usual completion rates;
  • Even if they weren't before, they are now likely to be very familiar with how online meetings work. Not only will the offer below be delivered that way, but we'll show you how to use virtual awareness briefings and feedback coaching sessions;
  • There may be fewer distractions than in the normal workspace (apologies to anyone involved in home schooling) which could lead to a higher quantity and quality of feedback;
  • Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the current situation calls for high levels of empathy and compassion from your leaders and managers – this would be a very good time to assess their levels of emotional intelligence using our EiQ questionnaire.

We invite you to join our free virtual group mentoring sessions around 360-degree feedback. After some consideration, we've decided to restrict each session to just 30 minutes and while there will be structured input from myself or a colleague, you will be able to use a large portion of the time to ask questions and get answers from ourselves and other participants. We are limiting participants to just 12 per session so that you can get your question(s) answered. First come, first served! Each virtual group coaching session will be recorded and made available later on the website but if you want your own specific questions answered, best to sign-up to the live event if you can.

We've created a dedicated landing page with a schedule of the virtual group mentoring sessions sessions on offer, together with a brief description of each and a simple booking form. Click the button below to find out more. You can book onto all of the sessions or pick and mix. As we have an international audience, we have tried to offer times that will suit most of you.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you need any more information, or to use me as a sounding board. I'm here to help.

I urge you to please follow the advice of the professionals and the government, and stay safe.

Colin Newbold

CEO, TLC Online

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