We’re Honored To Be Honored

Colin Newbold, 19th November 2019 in Development, Feedback, Hiring, Human Resources, People Management, Testing

At click-360.com, we are proud to be crowned with the 2019 Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Award!

Here at click360 we are always advising businesses of all shapes and sizes as to how 360 degree feedback can benefit them. Now, we have independent third party endorsement.

Our achievements and results over the last 12 months have been recognised and celebrated by the renowned awarding body CV Magazine. These awards highlight the key players and innovators who have gone above and beyond in this highly competitive sector. 

The Best Online 360 Feedback App 2019


From the very start, it was fascinating to be part of the awards process. One element of the entry process involved the submission of  a 1500 word summary of our offering in addition to providing, where necessary, further supplementary information in response to questions from the judging panel. 


This entry process was online, across 17 pages. The evidence and two of our many successful case studies supported our reasoning and knowledge. We started by explaining the 360 feedback process in general, then focused more heavily on click-360SelfDrive, our new self-service application for smaller 360 projects.


The case study that we spoke about in great detail was with Royal Botanical Gardens (Kew) - a fantastic showcase example of end to end support with the 360 feedback process. The case study featured questionnaire design, briefing, coaching and training, spanning a period of two years. After this time, we were then able to return to the same client and analyse their results and offer even further direction and consultancy. 


This case study was perfect for the awards process as it clearly highlighted the process map from start to finish.

Reflection On The Awards Process

We found spending a considerable amount of time thinking about our business an extremely interesting and cathartic process. Asking ourselves how does click360 function, how it does help other businesses for whom is the product for.


Like a lot of business owners and colleagues, we very rarely give ourselves a moment to stop and look at everything we have achieved. This awards entry process gave us an opportunity to do this. We didn’t think we would win but we will admit to giving ourselves just a small pat on the back for simply going for it.



The Nomination and Judging Process

The nomination, selection and judging process spanned over 3 months. During which time,the CV Magazine’s industry experts counted and researched nominations, analysed all supporting evidence to ensure that only the most deserving and top performing individuals, firms and products were recognised. 


The awarding body said; “They are an extremely efficient 360 feedback business, operating in such a niche industry. They have done really well to build such a successful 360 Feedback app based on innovation, expertise and success. They truly are inspiring leadership.”

What Does Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Mean?

We’re so proud of our success and the invaluable industry recognition we have achieved. But what does it mean to win the 2019 Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Award?


Corporate coaching and recruitment advice is an effective approach to developing employees, managers and leaders. Both have grown in popularity, with many employers enhancing their skills, knowledge and performance based on specific skills (or skills gaps) and goals.


Online 360 feedback is a helpful tool that supports and fosters this corporate coaching process. 360 degree feedback and coaching is now used by employers as a widespread development tool. Coaching interventions are particularly appropriate for challenging times because they are flexible and low-cost. However, though now maturing as an established aspect of learning and development, and management, there’s still a lack of understanding about how best to use 360 feedback and coaching.


For support on corporate coaching, 360 feedback or leadership development, get in touch with click-360.com today.

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